The Biden family is ‘privately trashing’ senior campaign staff as they blame-shift after President Biden’s horrific debate performance. According to Politico, everything from Biden’s inability to ‘pivot more to go on the attack’ to being ‘bogged down too much on defending his record’ to being ‘over-worked and not well-rested’ was the fault of senior aides. One of them, Ron Klain took a leave from his job at AirBnB when the Bidens asked for his help to prepare for the debate.

Blaming Biden’s staff—and these are long-time aides—for the president’s disastrous performance in Atlanta is despicable. If anyone is to blame beyond the candidate himself, it is Biden’s own family. They have always been one of his biggest political liabilities, and now that same family is running to Politico to blame the very people who have devoted their lives to keeping the family rich and powerful.

Does anyone really believe that Biden’s staff told Biden to forget what he was talking about? Did they tell him to mumble and lose his train of thought?  Did they coach him to stare off into space with his mouth open?  Of course not.  These are professional people, and they did their best to prepare him—which apparently was as easy as lighting a wet log outside in a rainstorm. Joe Biden lost the debate because he was incapable of doing the job, not because he got bad advice.

Of course, they’re also blaming CNN:

Their complaints were lengthy, including that the moderators should have fact-checked Trump more often, that Biden was not told which camera he’d be on when not speaking and that the makeup staff made him appear too pale, according to the three people.

Even the makeup staff! Are they supposed to de-age him too? 

Everyone needs to remember this fact: The Bidens are loyal to the Bidens. And no one and no institution—not the Democratic Party, not the  country—will get in their way. First lady Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, according to Politico, were the ‘loudest voices urging the president to stay in the 2024 contest.’

This should surprise no one.  While Jill Biden has played the public role as her husband’s dutiful Visiting Angel, her broken halo was always visible. She’s always been Lady MacBeth.  

The Bidens look down on everyone else. They don’t care about their party, their loyal staff. They don’t care about liberalism, or dignity, or anything as much as they care about themselves.  They will never take responsibility.  They will never take blame. They will never change.

It would serve the family right if Biden’s entire political team quit and told the truth about what they’ve seen.

Laura Ingraham is the host of FOX News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle (weeknights, 7 PM/ET).

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